Joe Anderson is a fictional character from the Stealth series. Joe is middle age American main technician, and mechanic on the U. S. Lincoln. He was born like Cancer in zodiac. It can be told by others he is kind of fat, and is always seen in his mechanic suit, what smells and looks dirt by oil. He loves very much to eat and watching movies and serials, mainly sitcoms. Due that he is really friendly, he's great chief and people like him. He has twin brother Jack, with who they are called like "Fat Brothers". He is too Tim's master in work, and taught him everything what "Young Boy" knows.

Joe Anderson

Full name:

Joe Anderson


"Fat brother"







Stealth 2 - 42


eyes - deep brown

hair - curly deep brown




chief mechanic

First appearence:

Stealth 2


Joe is one these fat guys in America, with dirty hands and faces from oil. What are just drinking beer and eating bunch of hamburgers and sandwiches. Joe is like that, but he has more nature in himself. He is the main chief mechanic on the carrier, and you can call him like "Big chief". And he means it. Because when he is around everyone is working. Joe is very favorite person on the carrier because he understood everything what is needed to be done. And isn't angry on everyone when something got messed up. Except when it is his food. Then he turns into furious beast. He is too the work master of Tim. And he taught him everything what young mechanic knows. Joe loves to have all his crew around, and exactly know who is in. Because of that he came almost furious and very disappointed when Tim had to leave because of Cumming's order. It can be said very clearly that Joe really disliked his captain in some times. Mainly because of secrets what Cummings was hiding from people on carrier. Joe was too fascinated by EDI. When EDI arrived and he could look at him properly he had to admit it was really beautiful and clean work. Because of it he really regrets he saw EDI just for one time. He too keeps big respect for Keith Orbit. Because he admires his working spirit and creativity. Joe too likes to call his working crew and whole carrier like his family. And is really glad when he can meet with his twin-brother. He too became very close to the team and mainly Kara, like his brother Jack.