Los Pepos are three young toucans raised by Henry since they were eggs. Henry named them like Pepe - the oldest one, Pepo - the middle one and Pepi - the youngest one. He found them, when he was for two years living in Brazil. and he is very proud of them, caling them like "My boys".

Los Pepos - Pepe, Pepo, Pepi

Full name:





Los Pepos




5 monts

Pepe - the oldest one

Pepo - the middle one

Pepi - the youngest one


mother and father - deceased

Henry - adoptive father, owner

Place of birth:


First appearence:

Stealth 2


Los Pepos - Pepe, Pepo and Pepi are three young toucans raised by Henry. He found them when they were eggs without parents, what were killed by another wild animal. After a few days of taking care about them he decided to take them home and raise them. He named the oldest one Pepe, the middle one Pepo and the smallest one Pepi, together Los Pepos. Henry is about his feathered friends taking a lot of care and it seems they even adopted a few aspects of his nature. Sometimes they even remind young gang, or Italian mafia. For the most of time, they can be found near Henry. Sometimes they even show they like Edi like their older brother, even when he is machine. Even when they look very similar, they can be recognized by the size. They like to make Ben mad.


Pepe is the oldest one from all three toucans and has a very brave and sometimes very sure nature. He is the biggest one on the first sight.


The middle toucan with impish nature. Pepo very often tries to surprise others, scare or make fun of them. He is too very often playing on jet to impress Henry.


The smallest toucan with a shy and nice nature. He likes to be fed with cookies and snuggles to anyone who is nice on him.


  • They are the first animal characters in the story