Module is the one of the most advanced technology discoveries in the century. It allows any AI to live in the smalle body, what makes them able to live together with humans side by side and at home.


Module is always replica of the original big body of AI, but its replica only in case, when the big body was made first. Both bodies aren't necessary needed, and it all depends on the reasons why AI was created. Modules are very often using holographic face - eyes and mouth to show their expression. These bodies are able to move like a living being, and their moving s similar to animals. They use technology what allows them to move flexibly, hear, see, and feel touch, warm, cold and all out aspects. The CPU is always placed in the safe position and well shielded. Module needs a big supply of power to keep it alive, and because of it they have very strong mechanical hearts. These hearts uses several methods to create energy. Modules can have wheels, straps, hands or legs. Some AIs have in their modules weapons too.