Shane is fictional character from Stealth series. He is one of the first antagonists in series. He appears for fist time Stealth 2, and he is known like AI hunter. There is little known about Shane, but he became very quickly enemy with Justin and Ben .

Shane's grin
Shane as he appears in the 30th chapter

Full name:

Shane (full name isn't known)


"Shadow Hunter"








eyes - cold blue-grey

hair - dark brown




AI hunter

First appearence:

Stealth 2


Shane has a very mysterious and lone wolf nature. Because he is so young, he is still learning everything, but he knows already a lot. Jacen said people weren’t very nice to Shane, what explains his aggressive, lonely and maybe sometimes sadistic character. Shane prefers to work alone, and dislikes when someone is attacking, or ignoring him. Shane is smoker, so because of that he is always taking with him a lot of cigarettes. His outfit has a lot of pockets, where he has a lot of devices, and things what he could need. He is always ready for
Stealth gloves by mooncancer-d32mp35

Shane's love for his gloves

anything. He is curious and always tries to show he is worth the effort. He is quite annoyed, when no one listens to him, or someone doesn’t understand anything. Even when he works for Jacen he dislikes to work under someone, and wants to be a leader. Shane is always wearing gloves, and never takes them off in front of anyone. This makes him look like; he has a lot to hide.

Stealth 2 - Flight to homeEdit

Shane first appears in Stealth 2, when he is sent on the mission to capture Edi , and get him to the headquarters of his current working company. Shane is rogue hunter, and in this story he got the job just because of high payment. Due the fact his first try to get Edi failed, mainly because of Ben, he began to dislike Gannon. His electricity net managed only to hurt Edi, and because of helicopter coming for Ben, he had to leave.

He is then seen in headquarters working place. He notices helicopter AI, but goes on. Getting new instructions for his mission, what wasn't completed. He has strong interest in the whole thing, and mainly why Keith Orbit should make their work easier. After receiving all orders he is going to get people who will cooperate on the mission.

Shane appears later in the house in Brazil, where he kidnaps Keith their headquarters. He is there seen with his boss Jacen. After that he is told to get ready for next day and capture the carrier.

Shane arrives with his team next day on the carrier and leads their attack. Their main directive is to capture carrier, captain and Edi. But before he can get to AI, his way is crossed by unknown young man. They battle each other, and Shane is glad when he can throw him away and rash to get Edi. When he finally gets to the place where AI is he is attacked again by the man, when he throws a bag right into his head. He is too hardly punched by Ben, who recognizes in him the one who attacked Edi. When he is knocked out team manages to get off, but the carrier is captured.

Shane is then sent to get Edi on the sea, and he chases team to the island. Because he didn't follow the rest of his mean he found the island. He there encounters with Edi and Ben. He is attacked by Edi, but he manages to trap AI in another electric web. He is surprised by Ben who pulls him down into the water and complains with him about Edi. When Gannon attacks him with a punch he shots Ben's shoulder, and then tries to make Edi's mind to listen him. Because he could hurt Ben even more. Edi smashed him back with his energy waves and Shane was shocked by it, because this AI was too young to use them. He is too asking why Edi he just didn't kill him. Edi reasons it with that he isn't important for him, and doesn't care about his fate. Shane wants to shot Ben when Edi gets to his injured friend, but after while he gives gun down. He is a little surprised by their close bond and let them go this time.

He is again insulted by his boss later, and then watches their next try to capture AI. But he isn't very calm about the strange laugh of Jacen and begins to have another thought about everything.

Later he gets order to upload a message into one of their flying machines and make sure it will be delivered to the team.


  • Shane is very often insulted by his boss, because of fails on missions
  • He is the first AI hunter to appear in the story
  • Except for Edi, because AI's aging is different, shane is the youngest character, and the only who still didn't reach 20 years. This makes him very unusuable in the story, and it cause Henry call him like a "boy".
  • He is all the time wearing gloves, he doesn't say why
  • Shane had already 7 little computers destroyed by AIs, the last one as destroyed by Edi near the island
  • He is smoker, what makes him the second one, right after Captain Cummings. Jacen was too seen smoking, but later he said it's disgusting by Shane. So it's very confusing if he is a real smoker.